🪂 Designing Parachutes 🪂

Today we spoke about aerodynamics and we made parachutes-here’s how. We got string ,tape,blue tack and tissue.We taped the string to the tissue and stuck the strings into the blue tack(this may sound evil and painful for the blue tack but he agreed so ya).So then table by table we went out to the stairs and…dropped our parachutes and flew amazing. There was Cathals and Ethan’s one with kamikaze written on theirs.Niko’s one where he used only one ply and floated amazingly.And my own j.air top secret mission parachute. They all floated beautifully.👌👌👍👍🙂 by Jake

Orienteering Winners

Today we did orienteering, we paired up into groups of two. Everybody received a map to help us find the school controls. After we got the map everybody in their pairs went around the school to find the active school controls. These controls are either blue or green and two letters at the bottom of the school control. However when you have gone to the control you must remember the letters and the colour. When you have memorised the letters and colour with your pair you must go back to the base which is located in the 3rd 4th 5th yard. When you get to the base you have to write the letters that were on the school control and go to get your next school control. I personally think it was great fun and would do it again!
Laoise :).