Time for Pancakes

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I participated in an all Ireland  gymnastics competition in Dublin on Saturday.  It was 5 hours long and finished at half 11.I was very lucky to receive a second place medal on floor. I was very happy.

by Tara

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Fun with Tessellation

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Henri Matisse

  Henri Matisse was a French artist who liked to use a lot of different colours in his art. They called him a fauve artist meaning wild artist . Due to Cancer he was reduced to a wheel chair but refused to give up and started making collage with paper cut-outs and would tell his assistant where to put them. He was born in 1869     and died in 1954.   

 By Conor Reddy  


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Welcome to Whoville!!

For our Christmas concert this year we performed The Grinch that Stole Christmas. We had great fun dressing up as Who girls and boys.

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I took part in a Swimming gala in Douglas Swimming pool. I was really nervous beforehand when I saw a guy who was twice the size as me in the same competition. We did the front crawl first, I came fifth. In the back crawl I came second. When we got our medals we got a chocolate Santa too.

by Conor

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Our Annual Toy Sale

Last Friday we set up stalls in our class for our annual toy sale. Stalls included raffles, gingerbread men, squishies, doughnuts, home made chocolates, cookies, cakes, Pokémon and Match attax cards, stationery, lucky dip, guess how many in the jar and book marks. We were sold out at the end of the day. Our chosen charity this year is Marymount Hospice.

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