Cork City Champions

This is a picture of me and some of my friends with the fan favourite Eunice Karbo. He is a defender for Cork City who recently won the 1st division league. He gave us some advice on how to chase your dreams in becoming a professional football player. He said we must have dedication for our teams and do our best, also do your best in school. He also told us that his twin brother plays for Cobh Ramblers. Sometimes when the brothers play against each other they don’t even talk to each other!!!!

When we were leaving the hall Mr.McCarthy asked the people with Cork City merch to stay Me and my friends ended up with signed merch. Recently Mr.McCarthy saw shocking news on twitter and found out that Eunice Karbo would be leaving Cork City in January and will be moving to Australia. He said he would be re-joining Cork City in the future. We hope he sees this so we can wish him the best of luck in his aussie adventures in the future.

by Hollie