Our Annual School Walk

Our Annual School Walk

Last Monday, we went to Tramore Valley Park. We did a loop around the park, Played and so much more!

Firstly, we had to choose partners. Once everybody was paired up, we lined up outside next to our partners, we were ready to go.

Next we walked and walked, then we made it! We then looped around the park, it was 2.5km!

Then, we headed back to the park entrance and dropped off our bags. Our teacher chose a play spot for is and we were off to play!

After, we got out of the fields and walked on the left hand side. Then we picked our spot on the ground, we saw tayto’s and soda and we were definitely in for it.

After we ate, we played a bot more and then it was time to leave,

and off we went.

-By Torrin

Learning Data with jelly tots 😋

This week we were working with data and jelly tots😋

We started off by picking a colour. We all wrote our own tally and then we decided on a scale. We chose 1:10 and the we drew a bar line chart.

We did this sheets and the colours where purple,green,yellow,red, orange

Purple was the most common colour with 30💜and less common was orange with only 10🧡

Its a really fun time after we presented our sheets to the class:)

Then we ate the jelly tots😋 its was a really nice day!

by Chloe